How the Video Production Dojo Works

Who is the audience for the video?
Will a script be provided?
Will video shooting be involved and are there any pre-existing assets such as video footage, photos, and graphics that can be used?
If shooting is involved, will it be on location or at our green screen studio?
Will there be actors or spokespersons on camera?
Will there be voice-over narration?

This is similar to asking, “How much does a car cost?” or “How much does a house cost?”  There isn’t a single price for a car or house since many different factors go into determining the price. A video is no different. Lets begin by by finding out exactly how you visualize the final video and get a baseline for your expectations. Please think of these types of questions:

    Video ProductionPre-ProductionPromotional VideosTraining VideosInformational VideosOther

    Concept and ScriptingActorsMake-Up ArtistVoice-Over TalentAudio Recording/EditingOther